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Trees Planted

Some of the trees we have planted

  • Beech, the queen of British trees home to many rare species.
  • Bird Cherry, almond-scented, is a magnet for bees, moths, and birds.
  • Blackthorn, flowers early, dense and thorny, ideal cover for birds.
  • Crab Apple, important early source of nectar and late fruit.
  • Dog Rose, scrambles through hedgerows providing cover for birds.
  • Dogwood, notable for its coloured stems and very hard wood.
  • Field Maple, a great pollution fighter and insect home.
  • Guelder Rose, a wildlife beacon, a symbol of ancient woodland.
  • Hawthorn, the May Tree, home to over 300 insect species.
  • Hazel, catkins like lambs tails, nuts are beloved of Dormice.
  • Hornbeam, by keeping its leaves in winter it is a haven for wildlife.
  • English Oak, supports more life than any other British tree.
  • Rowan, an important source of food for winter migrant birds.
  • Silver Birch, home to over 300 insect species.
  • Spindle, ancient woodlands are loved by aphids and their predators.
  • Sweet Chestnut, introduced by the Romans, is important for moths.
  • Wild Cherry, food plant of many species of bird and moth.