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Seasonal Recipe Cards for March

Ever wondered what to do with Kale or an excess of Sprouts or just looking for some inspiration? Just check out our new recipe cards.

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How small businesses can understand and reduce their carbon footprint

Find out more about - The benefits of being net-zero as an SME - How to calculate your business’ carbon footprint - Reporting your carbon footprint - Actionable ways to reduce emissions, both as a brick-and-mortar and online SME

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Reducing Energy Usage

More information about how to make your home or business more energy efficient and save money can be found on the WHICH website - see the link below.

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More tips for reducing energy use

With energy prices increasing here are some more tips for reducing your energy use, this time from Compare The Market - see the link below

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Tree Information

We have created a series of Tree Information Sheets to help choose the right tree for the right place. You can access them here:

Tree Information Sheets
Sustainable Swaps and Switches

Are you looking for a non-toxic solution to cleaning up household messes or are you in a pinch and don’t have any cleaner on hand?

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