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Announcing our new sponsorship with Abacus - December 2021 - £1,000 a month

We are delighted to announce support from Abacus Vehicle Hire based in Ferndown and Andover. Abacus are donating £1,000 a month for the planting and nurturing of trees, in addition, those hiring a vehicle are invited to make a donation to RACE. Abacus is striving to reduce its effect on global emissions. Obviously, this will take some time, so they reached out to partner with a local charity so they can help make a difference now.

2022 Tree Planting starts with Community Groups Planting over 500 trees around Ringwood Car Park

With NFDC's support Ringwood Carnival, Ringwood Men's Shed, Ringwood Benefice and the Rotary Club of Ringwood came together with RACE to plant over 500 trees around the Ringwood Car Park. The trees were chosen based on not only them making an interesting and biodiverse hedge but also on their ability to capture particulates and reduce pollution. Big thanks to Abacus whose sponsorship paid for the trees.

New Community Agriculture Scheme - Long Lane Farm

We are delighted to learn that Ringwood has a new Community Market Garden and Orchard starting please check out the details and perhaps you can support Mollie and Kate in this venture.

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Community Fridge saves over 9 tonnes of food from waste from May to end December 2021 - That's 22.5 tonnes of CO2e